Ideal Group, Ideal for you
Ideal Group, Ideal for you

Our Services

All of our services are focused on attention to detail, high responsibility, dependability and fulfilled obligations.  For the highest job quality, the majority of our services are supervised directly by the owner. Our services are not only for homeowners but we also provide services for different companies such as Good Choice Preservation, ACC Builders and etc.

1.5 to 2 Inches of mulch keeps any and all landscaped beds weed-free, provides moisture to the plants and adds beauty to your house in the color of your choice (Black, White, Brown and Red).

Annual trimming of your shrubs not only helps to keep them healthy, but it also makes your landscape attractive and organized.

Your existing landscape can be redesigned by keeping your good plants and adding a healthy new selection of plants, trees and shrubberies.

Design & Installation
Through consultation with the homeowner, a desirable design can be created to suit everyone's own budget and individual taste..

Fall and spring cleanup:
Raking, blowing and removing leaves and fall/spring debris build-up.

Tree Cutting
Trees up to 55 feet can be trimmed, cut and/or removed.

Besides traditional wooden decks, there are different kinds of synthetic wood that require little to no maintenance and can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also very durable.

Finished Basements

Finished basements add more value to your property; moreover, they provide extra living space to enjoy and entertain time well-spent with family and friends.

Home Improvement

Ideal Group performs different projects such as Tilling, Carpentry, Dry wall,Painting, Electrical Plumbing etc.

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